W/kg (FTP) distribution plot

(Joe Kelly) #1

Hi: newcomer who appreciates the extra motivation that Zwift affords. One feature that I would like to see (maybe it exists and I just can’t find it) is a pdf plot of W/kg based on FTP so that I could see where I am relative to the community as a whole.  Knowing, for example, that I am only in the bottom 10% would definitely provide motivation and a way of tracking progress.  Even better, would be one plot for the entire community and another for your age group.

Thanks for a great product.  Just wish I had joined sooner.

  Joe Kelly

(Gerrie Delport) #2

I think you are looking for something like this but for people on Zwift. I guess it will come out to be the same. 



(Joe Kelly) #3

Thanks for the reply.  Actually maybe something a little simpler.  Remember the “bell curve” used to grade students?  Something like that for the community with a marker on the curve for where you are.  In fact, basically the same type of chart Zwift already uses for a workout statistic where you see how much of the time your power (or bpm) was in a certain range.  Here it would be what percentage of the Zwift population is in a certain W/kg range.

(Nigel Doyle) #4

While it might be entertaining the problem is accuracy. There’s a lot of Zwiftwers with inaccurate data. I would would want some way of excluding Zwifters not using a power meter.