How do you get your polar heart rate monitor to sync up

How do you get your polar heart rate monitor to sync and how do you get Zwift to download to Strava

Hey Bryan, here’s a guide on how to pair your heart rate monitor:

And to connect your Zwift to your Strava account:

Strava has it’s own separate app which you can download from the App Store/Play store. You can’t download it through the Zwift application.

Let me know if you have any other questions!

The upload apps are greyed out so I can’t choose to upload it to Strava. Am I allowed to upload during the 7 day trial? How much does it cost per month and how do I register?

The upload apps will be grayed out if you aren’t connected to them. To connect to Strava you first have to have an account, and it’s free :slight_smile:

Here’s a link to Strava to get you started:

My poler v800 will not calibrate with Zwift. When I go to the heart rate monitor and do a search nothing comes up. Can you please help.

Polar said if you are using Zwift and Polar open the Zwift app and pair before you turn your polar on to workout setting. Have you tried that? Otherwise it grabs your watch and not Zwift. So turn zwift on and pair then turn your watch on .