Zwift and Polar products environment

I am new to Zwift, through Tacx Flux S Smart. I am on Polar environment with V800 and V650. I mainly use PolarFlow app to track activities and recovery time.
Is there a way, and if yes, what is the most efficient way, to track my working/training datas from Zwift to Polar? Please help.

With Polar…good luck!

FYI - asked Polar for possibility to upload to Polar Flow, got no answer.
But - just to know - is it possible in Garmin?

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No, Garmin will not upload Zwift rides to Polar. Garmin will only upload activities to 3rd party’s only if it originated on a Garmin device.

Does Polar communicate/link with Strava? You could have ride automatically uploaded to Strava and then Strava could upload them to Polar.

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Sounds like better option so far. Thanks.

Hi Paul,
thanks for your answer.

First - my question for Garmin was an reaction to Jonathan’s “With Polar…good luck”; I really hate answers like this in the forum. So my question should be “can I upload activities from others (Polar, Zwift) to Garmin environment?”

Second - yes, all my activities are linked to Strava, but I did not find an option to link Strava with Polar Flow in the other direction.

Will take a look at it, if I find a solution I will write in the forum.

Thanks, ride on!


Update - there is an Android app SyncMyTracks.

Tested the free version - export from Strava, import to PolarFlow - yes, it works!
Free version takes just the last activity, but the apps costs 2,90 Euros - and it should really sync your data automatically, or you can select manually which activities to use.
Are there any users, who bought and use the app? It would be worth the money, if everything works as they promise!

Attention when using - I linked my PolarFlow with Strava and TrainingPeaks; after the import with SyncMyTracks sent Polar the “new” activity to both and I had to delete manually… so you should (temporary) break the links in Polar when importing.

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Milan- My good luck comment was because Polar has done things there own way for years and doesn’t play nice with others. I’m sure there are 3rd party apps out there willing to collect your money to pick up where Polar fails their customers but really the best idea would be to stay away from polar (and similar isolationist companies).


Hi Jonathan,
if someone here asks for help is a “good luck with…” answer not helpful.

The topics support for customers and isolationist companies - would be a very long story. But I am afraid it is an common issue in our time of using everything for a short time, throwing it away and buying a new one :slightly_frowning_face:.

For this solution is no support necessary.

Just a question - what is your alternative to Polar?

Garmin and Wahoo both have pros and cons but their ecosystems seem to be an improvement from Polar. When I worked for TrainingPeaks there was a lot of request for polar support but was nearly impossible because of the limited functionality of the polar devices and softwares.

I was a Polar user from the early 90’s. Recently been using a Polar RC3 watch which are still available new from certain retailers. Quite happily using Polar Personal Trainer to log my training until Polar introduced their Polar Flow software which won’t support my RC3 - Polar announced that the Personal Trainer support to be withdrawn ! Contacted Polar and received the following reply " Thank you for contacting Polar Customer Care. There are currently no plans to sync the RC3 with Polar Flow. As a valued customer, we can offer you 25% off our products on our website. Would you be interested? " No I would not, why would I purchase another Polar product when support could be withdrawn at any time !

Sold my trusty RC3 and needless to say will never purchase another Polar product.


ok topic is over 7 month old -but i recently bought myself a polar watch again (v800) as i am still convinced that the optical wrist sensor is better than the one of garmin…i had 3 years ago a polar and complained about that monodirectional data sharing issue the flow app still is suffering from it. Both for me essential worlds : zwift and concept 2 are not supported for the data integration in the flow app. And by the way: these optical sensor of polar is just a tiny bit better than the one of the other comp.- forget about that optical sensor…cheststrap is by far more precise…sorry for bumping this old topic up…but it is still a problem for polar users…they should listen to there customers…

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Thanks… never too late !! The best solution I found, to see all activities from Zwift on Polar Flow. I connect all sensor from Tacx to Zwift, except the heart rates one. Aside, on my V800, I open a Interior Bike activity. This is where I will get heart rate, time, calories from my activity. I start both Zwift and V800. At the end I stop both. So i am getting a pretty accurate view on my activities on V800/Polar Flow. Only data missing is km. Which I manually add.

thanks Claude, i also did it that way, but always typing in the metrics manually, and having doubles in Strava and Training Peaks really hitting my nerves. I checked out this syncing tool, thought 3€ would have been a great investment solving my problems. The truth all behind this is that syncing with adidas running works well for 50%, syncing with polar flow…guess what- not every 10th workout is synced properly…maybe because polars infrastructure as described very well by DIRT bro´ Johnathan- i should have read your post Johnathan, before i bought my vantage v (not v800 as mentioned before) so its a actual product. So after i read all the posts here- messaging to polar is a waste of time as you get no answer…and i discovered it yesterday- zwift can upload to adidas running…polar is more and more sitting on a lonely left island of the late ´90- mid ´00- hey Polar its 2020 and sharing and integrating Data is a crucial thing to stay alive !!!

I use Polar equipment (I had a v800 for years but now have a Vantage V Titan). When I had the V800 I used both a heart rate strap or an OH1 strap.

With Zwift I use the OH1 strap and all other, power etc is dealt with by my Tacx Neo. I use Training Peaks and Strava to view my fitness data. I only use Polar Flow for off bike stuff.

I use a polar HR monitor and just connect it to Zwift, dno if that helps you or not.

Using polar watch as stand alone with the app flow to record polar metrics
Then connect heart rate monitor with Zwift
I am new to Zwift and didn’t test that yet. I am in the same boat I don’t want to loose tracking cycling activities in polar flow.

Please do yourself a favor, throw your polar stuff away or sell it on FB marketplace and buy yourself sensors that play nice with the rest of your ecosystem. Polar are notoriously trash for playing nice with others.

Oops! @Claude_Bacon

Jonathan, I use Polar HRM (2 old H7) without problems in Zwift, M430 for running and M460 for biking IRL. This stuff is cheap and I had NEVER problems.

This thread is about Polar Flow - no possibility to upload data there.

My setup is rather convoluted but works well.
If you are running zwift on PC or mac then get a ANT+ usb dongle
Tacx Flow Smart controlable trainer BLE & Ant+
Polar H10 dual BLE + Ant+
Polar M460 bike computer
Make sure you connect the sensors to zwift via ANT+ and after all is paired connect the sensors to the M460 using indoor cycling profile.
Zwift gets power, cadence and speed form the trainer via Ant+
M460 gets the same metrics from the bluetooth part of the sensors