Export to polar flow, partial solution

(Juanmi Bicis Fenix) #1

Bored of looking at a solution to be able to import the load of exercise to polar flow I managed to solve something. It is necessary a bluetooth band compatible with the polar beat application, install the polar beat application and the zwift companion, once installed we open the polar beat, we insert our polar flow data and in settings we add our bluetooth polar band, now we can register the exercise using the polar beat application and connecting the bluetooth band to the computer through the zwift companion. Or you can also select the option in polar beat to link in 2 devices and use the polar cyclocomputer M460 in my case and once finished synchronize it with polar flow. This solution is for Android and Windows in ios and iphone I have no idea if it would work. The bad thing is that the exercise appears in duplicate in strava, on the one hand it sends zwift and on the other the one that sends polar, we must remove it manually.