How do you get tracking information on zwift?

New to biking, and took my first zwift ride today. I am used to getting distance and tracking information from my garmin edge 530 and phone through the garmin app and strava. I’m not sure how this stuff works with zwift and indoor riding, if it does at all. I’m not real big on stats, but I like to see what my mileage was for the week, and the month, and I loved seeing my first end of the year stats report from zwift (hope there might be a way to compare year to year after I have a second year under my belt) etc. Is there a way to get that feedback still? Does any of this connect with mileage competitions in local groups like I did outdoors through the garmin app?


You can connect Zwift with both Garmin Connect and Strava.


You don’t need to record your Zwift session with your Garmin, the mileage won’t correlate correctly.

Link your Strava and Garmin accounts to Zwift and your Zwift sessions will be automatically uploaded and count towards your annual mileage and clubs.

Install the Zwift Companion App and this will give you a handy way of looking at your Zwift statistics.