How do I know if my phone is compatible before I buy it?


I used to understand some things about tech, and I still understand, but about Architecture? Yeah, that’s the thing for building houses.

I see klingon when I read the Android requirements for Zwift so, How do I know if a phone can run Zwift so I can go to the store and buy it?

Zwift has a 2 week trial mode; and you get a free 25 km for each month (non-stacking)

If you get something mainstream that isn’t the one of the lowest tier models it’ll probably be OK. I would avoid phones from manufacturers with tiny market share or lowest priced CPUs. A used Samsung would probably be a better choice than a new Oppo for example. You don’t want to be in a situation where you’re the first person to discover a problem with an unpopular phone.

But that means I have already bought the phone.

I don’t have the phone, I am looking to buy one…

But what about the Samsung Galaxy A14, A23 or A34?

I clarify that I am looking to replace my phone.

My current phone doesn’t supports Zwift I used Zwift before on my ex phone (and she used to have an Apple phone, and I don’t like Apple).

will run on LG V50, galaxy tab 7FE and Galaxy fold Z4

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The A14 has a pretty wimpy CPU. That’s not to say it would not work - I haven’t tried it. Note that the amount of RAM in each of those phones varies with the amount of storage . I would go for the A34 out of those choices, if you can afford it. The phones @Martin_Reading mentioned are all faster than the A14. Also note that the CPU in the A34 is slower than an iPhone 11 from 2019 which you can buy quite cheaply on the used market (unless you don’t like Apple).