Will Zwift run on a Samsung Galaxy A04s

Hi everyone.

I am new to Zwift and am looking to get a new phone to dedicate to it and mirror to a monitor/TV.
I am looking at the Galaxy A04s. Will Zwift run on this?
I have uploaded screenshot of the specs from GSM Arena.
The version in my country has 3 gigs of ram and 32 gigs of storage.

Any advice will be appreciated as I would hate to buy the phone and have it not work.

Thanks in advance

I can’t say 100% but Zwift runs on specs lower than that. Generally if it’s available to download in the play store then it’ll run it.

It’s not the highest spec of phone, that’s for sure.

Hi Stuart
Thank you for your reply.

I compared the specs above to the minimum android requirements that Zwift recommends.
5 of the 7 were above the recommendation, so I took a chance and bought the phone.

I can confirm that it does work!
I did a short ride and cant see any limitations, yet.

Now I can use the Zwift companion app on my primary phone while screen mirroring from the dedicated A04s.

Thanks again.

Great news. Happy Zwifting.