Help! Does Zwift run ok on a Samsung A32

Hi everybody - I am just about to buy a new phone for my daughter so she can join me on Zwift but I want to make sure it will run the app (I cant check of course as I haven’t bought it yet and her old J2 doesnt run it) I am looking at a Samsung A32 work?


Although I can’t offer a cast iron guarantee I can’t see any reason why given the spec of that phone Zwift wouldn’t run.

Thanks Stuart, that was my feeling but I couldn’t see any reason the J2 didn’t work so didnt want to spend the cash and find it didnt work (in addition to her disappointment!!)

Most providers have s 7 or 14 day cooling off period so if it doesn’t work you’ll be able to send it back.

The J2 to be fair isn’t a particularly well specced phone so no surprise it doesn’t work.