How do I change fitness level

 Is it possible? If your riding profile changes, how do you change this?   Also, now that I have done the FTP I’d like to include it.  Thanks

That “Fitness Level” that Zwift has you choose, has nothing to do with anything within the Zwift. I think it is just for their data.

 I have been using Zwift for over 2 years and have never been asked for my “Fitness Level”.

More information on the new Fitness Level Profiles feature is on the knowledge base. If you did the FTP test and updated your FTP, however, you’ve basically already updated your profile. :slight_smile:

Ride On!

I was asked when I first set it up and assumed it was adjusting my rides accordingly. Guess not.

Jason K. Yes I read what was on the knowledge base and that’s why I asked. So what you’re saying is once i do FTP, it auto adjusts. Very good!