Historical problems with zwift

I’ve used zwift since 2017 and the program continues with basic problems which go unresolved. At least once a year, I’ve got to uninstall the program, delete folders in Program Files, and Downloads. Then go through my browser and clear the cache. This is almost always preceded by a zwift update. Then I get to spend my time reinstalling the program again.

Fix your program so the user isn’t inconvenienced by your updates. And don’t get me started on their policy of charging your CC# at the beginning of each month regardless of whether you used the program the previous month.

Whilst not disagreeing that this problem should be managed by the update and +1 on request to address that …

This is a known issue with a known way to solve it should you ever get it again that doesnt involve so much inconvenience for you .


I don’t understand this expectation. Gyms/health clubs still bill you if you don’t show up, Netflix still bills me if I don’t watch anything, My car insurance still bills me if I don’t drive the car for a month, if I go on vacation for a month my mortgage is still due…

You can, however, cancel or pause your Zwift account at any time, come back 1, 2, or 12 months later and still have all your stats, unlocks, XP, etc.

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