HISP League TOUR (13 Races)

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13 races

Stage 1 MONDAY (Prologue TT) 08/15/2022 tick tock

Stage 2 TUESDAY 08/16/2022 downtown dolphin

Stage 3 WEDNESDAY 08/17/2022 Wandering Flats

Stage 4 THURSDAY 08/18/2022 Roule Ma Poule

Stage 5 FRIDAY 08/19/2022 Keith after Party

Stage 6 SATURDAY 08/20/2022 Cobbled Climbs Reverse

Sunday 08/21/2022 BREAK

Stage 7 MONDAY 08/22/2022 Rising Empire

Stage 8 TUESDAY 08/23/2022 Surrey Hills

Stage 9 WEDNESDAY 08/24/2022 Kappa Quest

Stage 10 THURSDAY 08/25/2022 come top

Stage 11 FRIDAY 08/26/2022 Triple Flat Loop

Stage 12 SATURDAY (TT) 07/27/2022 Flatland Loop

Stage 13 SUNDAY 08/28/2022 Lutece Express (Paris)
League scoring system

13 scoring stages that will decide the final winner. In the general classification, only points are scored in order of arrival at the finish line. 1 rest day The winner of the league will be the one who wins the most points at the end of the 13 stages. Score of the stages in the general. Each stage It will have a different point value depending on its difficulty or the KOM or Sprint intermediate points that these points are distributed can be previously viewed on our website or social networks.

470 Total points


140 Total Points


105 Total points TOTAL POINTS IN THE LEAGUE 715 points

1 point per stage with the simple participation.

*Mandatory HR in all tests.

  • Registration to Zwift Power mandatory. * To be eligible to be on the podium and the prizes, once the league is over, you must meet the minimum participation requirement of 7 races


  • Personalized virtual medals will be awarded to the winners at the end of the league.

  • Special prizes for participants belonging to the HISP team (as the main team) in Zwift Power.
    Royal medal physical format.

  • Good luck to all the participants.


Espectacular :medal_sports:


After the first 6 races i will explain my feelings and thoughts.

  1. This format is delightfully exhausting. It’s amazing and the first time that i feel something like this in Zwift. The Zwift Fondo events were epic and the ZRL races, but i usually rested the previous day and have the luxury to rest the next day.

2. The fatigue is very noticeable. During the 4th and 5th race, i felt the tireness in the legs and the loss of that punch in the sprints.

  1. The use of primes and points per race make the competition more dinamic, but i -as sprinter- won’t stand a chance in last pure climb races.

4. Also, there is a ladder by total time that is great for riders not strong enough for fighting primes. If you can’t participate in a race, you get the time of the slowest rider in your race.

  1. An (orange) jersey for the 1st racer in the league (and his/her) team would be incredible! I hope Zwift can develop this.

  2. Balancing points and race times between various time slots is a challenge and a lot of effort.

  3. Having two distances, one for A/B and one for C/D, is a necessity in such long leagues.

  4. The use of CE is proving to be a success and hopefully Zwift will continue to improve it.

  5. Just finishing 13 consecutive races (with only 1 day rest) in Zwift is epic.

  6. Thank you ZwiftHQ for all the support setting up this wild event.


Wanted to do this event but helping with art galley location moving or bad time for western North America/pacific regions. Did the FRR stages races which are starting back up for the second year post summer zwift slow down with same idea. Some week+ long up to two weeks+ long.

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Absolutely BRUTAL. The best experience in Zwift since 2015! BUT be aware! IT IS VERY HARD!!


As I have said elsewhere on this forum, this HISP club series was bloody fantastic. Best event on Zwift. Stiff competition and great courses. A personal challenge with 13 races in 14 days. Thanks to all participants (cat C) and a big yell out to the organisers. Let’s do it again !!


Thank you all for a brutal series! I couldn’t do stage 12, but regardless I didn’t stand a chance against @Chris_Hoelzl_WattFab who really crushed it throughout the series and took a very well deserved GC win in Category B. His performance on Ven-Top, just to mention one, was brutal and really inspiring to see, especially after the days of racing leading up to that stage. Chapeau Chris!

Personally I was pushed harder than ever and today I discovered that I’m moved into racing in A (Cat Enf) - which has been a goal for me since I started to see strong progress in my 1-8min power in March-April. I’m super happy to see this become a reality, and it’s thanks to consistent hard races in leagues like this one!

Thanks team HISP for a great series!

Edit: and a week later promoted to formal A. Apparently intense suffering like this series also gave real physical improvements :grin::grin:


Will this tour be up again in the future?

This is exactly what i was looking for! :slight_smile: