TOUR de HISP 2º edition

13 Races

Stage 1 MONDAY ( TT) 08/21/2023 Astoria Line 8 (2 laps) (23.1km-281m)

Stage 2 TUESDAY 08/22/2023 Watopia’s Waistband (2 Laps) (53.8km-197m)

Stage 3 WEDNESDAY 08/23/2023 Makuri 40 (1 lap) (40.3km-317m)

Stage 4 THURSDAY 08/24/2023 Volcano Climb After Party (40.3km-287m)

Stage 5 FRIDAY 08/25/2023 Neokyo All-Nighter (1 lap+) (43.1km-318m)

Stage 6 SATURDAY 08/26/2023 Bologna (1 lap+) (24.6km-518m)

Sunday 08/27/2023 REST

Stage 7 MONDAY 08/28/2023 The Muckle Yin (1 lap+) (33.5km-409m)

Stage 8 TUESDAY 08/29/2023 Chain-chomper (2 laps) (29.6km-372m)

Stage 9 WEDNESDAY 08/30/2023 Greatest London Flat (31.4km-164m)

Stage 10 THURSDAY 08/31/2023 Three Sisters (21.2km-658m)

Stage 11 FRIDAY 09/01/2023 Road to Sky (1 Lap) (17.3km-1047m)

Stage 12 SATURDAY (TT) 09/02/2023 Triple Flat Loops (1 lap) (36.2km-163m)

Stage 13 SUNDAY 09/03/2023 Champs-Élysées (4 laps) (29.7km-170m)

1 league with 2 parallel scores

Time classification (Physical Trophy)

Points classification (Virtual Trophy)

Total distance covered: 425km

Total elevation gain: 4900m

Time classification (Official HISP Tour) (Zwift Power)

All categories start together Classic classification for purists where effort is truly measured, 13 stages rewarding consistency, every second counts, and one minute feels eternal.

Points classification (HISP Tour Points) (Zwift Power)

All categories start together

13 scoring stages that will determine the final winner. The general classification will be the sum of points based on the finishing order, plus the points earned in KOMs and sprints during the stage. 1 rest day

The winner of the league will be the one who earns the most points at the end of the 13 stages.
Points awarded for each stage in the general classification. Each stage will have a different points value depending on its difficulty or at the organization’s discretion.
Alternative classifications for best climber (KOMs) or best sprinter (Sprint) can be viewed on our website or social media.


You have the dates for states 7/8/9 round the wrong way above. looks a good series

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It’s fixed

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