Hisp winter tour

13 races

Stage 1 MONDAY (TT) 12/26/2022 Bologna

Stage 2 TUESDAY 12/27/2022 Neokio Crit Course

Stage 3 WEDNESDAY 12/28/2022 Libby Hill After Party

Stage 4 THURSDAY 12/29/2022 Eastern Eight

Stage 5 FRIDAY 12/30/2022 Royal Pump Room 8

Stage 6 SATURDAY 12/31/2022 The Mega Pretzel

Sunday 1/1/2023 BREAK

Stage 7 MONDAY 2/01/2023 Tire-Bouchon

Stage 8 TUESDAY 3/01/2023 Chasing the Sun

Stage 9 WEDNESDAY 4/01/2023 The PRL Half

Stage 10 THURSDAY 5/01/2023 Four Horsemen

Stage 11 FRIDAY 6/01/2023 Gotham Grind Reverse

Stage 12 SATURDAY (TT) 7/01/2023 Greater London Flat

Stage 13 SUNDAY 8/01/2023 Triple Flat Loops

League scoring system

13 scoring stages that will decide the final winner. In the general classification, only points are scored in order of arrival at the finish line. 1 day of rest The winner of the league will be the one who wins the most points at the end of the 13 stages. Scoring of the stages in the general. Each stage It will have a different point value depending on its difficulty or the KOM or Sprint intermediate points that these points are distributed can be previously viewed on our website or social networks.

More than 1500 Total points


300+ Sprint Points


More than 300 KOM points

1 gift point per stage with the simple participation.

*Mandatory HR in all tests.*Mandatory registration to Zwift Power.*To be eligible to be on the podium and the prizes, once the league is over, the minimum participation requirement of 7 races must be met

  • The weight cannot be changed throughout the Tour, and the weight marked 7 days before the start of the competition will be taken as a reference.

  • We will rely on Zwift Power data for scoring If there was a computer error, your game was not saved or recorded in ZP, your heart rate monitor failed, or any other accident where your data was not recorded, just that data will not be added to your account. The participant assumes that these errors, although frustrating, are part of the game and the competition.

  • The Zwift Power category system will be used, whoever exceeds these categories will be disqualified from the stage classification.
    A > 4.0 w/kg and 250 w FTP *B > 3.2 w/kg and 200 w FTP *C > 2.5 w/kg and 150 w FTP *D ≤ 2.5 w/kg
    ** This championship will be governed by the limits of the ZADA in all categories and whoever exceeds the established limits will be disqualified and will have to certify its veracity with the following data:

Categories +A, A and B with dual recording and video of your weight.

Categories C, D and E

Video of your weight.

These data must be delivered within a maximum period of two days, to the organization, if the affected party wishes that their allegations be taken into account.

An effort of 5 minutes at 6 w/kg or more becomes suspicious, as well as figures of more than 5 w/kg for 20 minutes. These figures could imply a review of the activity and a check of their power source or weight could be requested from the participant. *In case of a tie, the one who has completed the most stages will win, and in case of a double tie. By time in general.

*The ZP classifications will be indicative and provisional, the official classifications will be on the HISP website, with a week’s delay to study claims.


  • Personalized virtual medals and jerseys will be awarded to the winners at the end of the league.

  • Special prizes for participants belonging to the HISP team (as the main team) in Zwift Power and be registered in the HISP team in companion
    royal medals in physical format.

  • Good luck to all the participants.


Category Enforcement is ON for all the stages.

There are three time zones:
10:15 CET time
19:15 CET time
02:15 CET time

Plenty of options for all over the world.

Last 13 stages summer tour was hell on earth, but the best Zwift experience i ever had.

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