Hide AI riders?

The “hide idle riders” thread reminded me to suggest something I’ve been meaning to post here. Might we have the option to hide AI riders. I am guessing some folks like them or see value but, for me, all I am interested in is staying ahead of real riders (doesn’t work often but it’s fun trying).

Is there any issue with this with drafting? If drafting is supported with AI riders (is it?) then a real rider with AI riders turned on would have some sort of advantage.

However, I’m still not seeing the value in the AI riders so, personally, I’d have them gone :slight_smile:



In TdG (TourdeGiro), the AI riders are very useful because of the different riding styles (sprinters, mountain, helpers and random). You can draft behind them and actually take a break on a long ride. It would be nice if the power level of each AI rider was known within Zwift …

I find drafting ai riders difficult. They surge way to much and the drafting is unrealistic. I personally like to see them gone or have the option to turn them off. I do find the AI’s in tdg more more of a benefit as they seem to ride a little smoother.

The ai riders also detract from the realism aspect of the game.  I like to immerse myself in Zwift to the point that it almost becomes real, but blue ghosts detract from that.