Races vs AI's

(Tyler Forsee) #1

I have been riding on tourdegiro.com for a little about a year now. While, their graphics are not very good I do really like the concept of basically racing every time I ride. The different AI’s that they have make the race interesting because they have sprinters, climbers, ones that just ride the same wattage the whole time, and ones that will help pull you. I also like how if I just want to ride by myself against the AI’s I can and not worry about what route or the length of the race others are doing. Just some thoughts to spice it up once all is done. I like where this is headed though keep it up and let me know what you think about how they have their program set up.

(C oach Paul Ozier) #2

I also love Tour de Giro for the fact that there are a lot of different courses, scheduled rides/races, AIs that are fun to race against. Zwift could do race nights where anyone that wants to participate in the race could check a box after logging in. Then the rider would have a special jersey, maybe with a number so others would know who is in the race versus just people riding alone/not racing. That would add some more excitement to Zwift.