Help with cyclops pairing

I have a cycle ops trainer and use A joule for power plus a power tap. I also bought a dongle but it is not reading it on my laptop I have tried the majority of the videos to troubleshoot it but could really use some help if anyone is available

Hi @Michael_Horwitz welcome to Zwift forums.

We need more details, please. Which model Cyclops trainer? A smart trainer that broadcasts speed, cadence, and power over Bluetooth? Or a classic trainer that broadcasts nothing?

What is “A joule for power?” Not familiar with that bit of gear.

“Power tap”: Which one? The crank based power meter? Pedal based meter?

What laptop OS and which version?

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Cycle ops power beam
Joule is the device that controls the power via head unit

My trainer also has a power tap hub with ant

I have a current windows os laptop

Also an iPad but neither is connecting

I also think the dongle I bought may be faulty as it is not getting picked up when I plug into my laptop

Thank you - Michael

Hi @Michael_Horwitz, what type of dongle did you purchase, ANT+ or Bluetooth?

Which model power beam do you have?

To get you started let’s simplify and leave the Joule computer head powered off. If you already have the trainer bonded to the Joule (via Bluetooth), it’s not available to connect to the Zwift app. Bluetooth devices create a 1:1 connection. They can not create 1 to many connections.

To further expand on this - your should not pair your sensors to Windows like you’d pair Bluetooth speakers. Instead, you want to connect the sensors to the Zwift app.

General pairing instructions here, and Saris-specific pairing instructions here.

As Mike Rowe noted, there are different Power Beam models. One broadcasts only in ANT+, the other broadcasts Bluetooth only. I’m assuming you have the ANT+ one because you have an ANT dongle, is that right? Which make & model dongle is it?

Ok-sorry I was out of coverage. I have the app on my laptop. The trainer is actually the mag trainer so unsure on BT or Ant. I bought the dongle just b/c I though I needed it for zwift.

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