Heart rate sharing

I can’t understand how to get my heart rate to share with Strava for performance and training analysis. My heart rate is measured by my Bluetooth via true fitness treadmill and via Bluetooth Fitbit charge 4. Strava is sharing with Fitbit and zwift so why can’t I get heart rate , exertion, and recovery analysis?

Hello Linda,
it should work if the file on the Fitbit contains the information. Then you should first upload it/sync it with your Fitbit-Account (or whatever account that might be) and this account should then be connected to Strava. Also Strava has different versions as far as I know, for some features you have to pay. Maybe the heart rate analysis is one those features. Usually all .tcx files should contain a heart rate, if you and up with a .gpx file then you only have the route information.
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Are you paying for your Strava account? Heart rate analysis is behind the Stava paywall.

In the strava app - Go into settings, then data permissions and check your health related data is “allowed”

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