Fitbit Integration for heart rate - bluetooth IOS Integration

I just started using Zwift, but enjoy it very much.   Being able to use Bluetooth sensors with the IOS version really helped me get into Zwift without having to spend a small fortune.   Being able to integrate with my Fitbit device (Blaze or other unit that tracks heart rate) would be helpful.   I know that Strava is fixing the issue of Fitbit not syncing with Zwift virtual rides, but it would be nice if the Zwift program allowed heart rate integration from something other than ANT+ heart rate sensors.


We allow any BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) heart rate monitor, including those from Polar, Wahoo, and many others. The issue is on the Fitbit side. Fitbit does *broadcast* your HR via BLE, so there’s no way for us to read the data. In theory, it could do so, but FitBit has to choose to transmit this data, so this is really a request for FitBit, not for us. A quick search shows that many, many people are already asking for this from FitBit…


Zwift Game Designer

Jordan I guess you mean Fitbit does “not” broadcast data? One cool thing is this all syncs in MapMyRide, so when I look at the workout there it has everything; I just don’t see the HR on screen in real time.

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Hi Gil,

Sorry, I missed the “NOT” in “does NOT.” FitBit does not  broadcast HR data.