Fitbit heart rate syncing


Please add heart rate synchronization for Fitbit devices.


I don’t think Fitbits broadcast HR so you would need to contact Fitbit to resolve this issue.

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An api like Thryve can do this. It will provide access to all the big brands in one go.

It look like that api is for getting the data from fitbit apps not for broadcasting the fitbit data real time.

Thanks Gerrie, I may have misinterpreted. If it could pick up the rate every 5 seconds or so, that would already be sufficient. But maybe that’s not possible.

Not possible. You need to contact Fitbit to resolve the issue.

Fitbit claims to be open to suggestions, so if enough people would show interest here, maybe the Zwift team will actually consider reaching out to collaborate. We’ll see…

This is solely up to Fitbit to fix. Zwift already have everything needed to receive HR data when it is broadcasted (Garmin watch can broadcast hr data).

Sure, but chances are that they won’t feel very inclined to act when I kindly ask them to fix it.
A company as Zwift will make a bit more chance, as there is quite a bit to gain for both parties to be on each other’s compatibility lists.

There is such a small percentage of Zwift users that use Fitbit that it would not be really worth Zwitf’s effort.

This has only been posted on the forums a couple times in the last 5+ years, so not much a call for it from the userbase.

Good point Paul. I’m aware that it’s not a very valid argument but I know a lot of Fitbit users, so the lack of interest surprises me. Maybe the brand is relatively popular in the Netherlands, or my observation is biased.

Anyway, thanks for your response :+1:

Both my wife and I have been FitBit users for years and the lack of integration with Zwift was annoying. So, I ended up getting both of us Tickrs for HR data and also wear the Fitbit, tracking the activity separately on the watch. Sort of fun to compare the HR data to make sure it is in sync and even used the FitBit HR data recently to show Wahoo that something was up with the Tickr. They sent me a new one as a result!