Fitbit compatibility

I have a Fitbit Charge 2, communicating with my smartphone via bluetooth. The Zwift iPhone app is also based on the bluetooth protocol. Thus it would be very convenient if the app could search and find my Fitbit instead of a HR strap.

I agree with you , I have the same problem !!!

Also agree, chest straps are a faff. I understand you have been playing around with the iwatch in terms of HR device for the zwift app. Can you add Fitbit HR models to the list also. I have a Fitbit Surge and would be more than happy to do some testing if required.

Chest straps are a faff? Think again.

Do a quick Google search to compare accuracy of HR straps versus Optical sensors, you will find that although optical (wrist sensors) is getting better they can compare to a chest strap. 

“If getting an accurate heart-rate measurement is very important to you, then you might want to consider a chest strap monitor”, said study author Dr. Marc Gillinov, a cardiac surgeon at Cleveland Clinic.

Does that mean Zwift should not support the Fitbit. I don’t know.

But, after some research I found that the Fitbit Charge 2, Fitbit Charge HR and Fitbit Surge does not re broadcast HR data. Therefore it can’t be used by Zwift (or any software) to show instantaneous Heart Rate.

Have to agree with  Gerrie, wrist HRM can be up to 10 beats off which almost make them useless for training.


I too have a fit bit Alta hr and whether or not it is as accurate as a female I find it far more comfortable than a chest strap. Give no the popularity of fit bits now which are certainly more exercise based than the I watch it would be really good if the two could exchange data please! Fit but works with endomondo when I run so why not with Zwift?

I agree with Vicky

Hi Vicky, 


Does your fitbit constantly send data to your endomondo app while you run (ie can you see your HR change every second) or does it only sync every few minutes?