Heart Rate sensor off the charts when trying to load Zwift

So having some issues with my Wahoo heart rate sensor. It works awesome when I am in game. But it seems to malfunction while I am loading Zwift. What I am seeing is that when I try to load Zwift, have to restart, then do an update then the game doesn’t load so I restart then the game updates again then it prepares to update then updates but stops so I reload then it updates then stops so I reload. Then I have to back to work because my lunch hour was spent trying to load Zwift. When that happens my heart rate sensor indicates that I am at triple my maximum target heart rate. Is that possible? Could loading Zwift increase my heart rate this much? Anyone else experience this?

I’ve had a wahoo tickr for about 8 months. After about 3 or 4 months it started giving dodgy readings (generally around 120bpm when at rest and then going insanely high when working out as well as under recording as well). After contacting their support they replaced it and the new one has been fine since.

I have a new tickr, only have used it a week, and so far it has been great. I am hoping not to see any issue like this pop up in a couple of months, it’s good to see that wahoo are open to replace if it starts going wonky like it did with David.