Heart rate monitor recommendation


Could someone please recommend a heart rate monitor to use with Zwift on the IOS platform.  I need it to be able to connect via Bluetooth to my iPhone 7, plus I’d like to use it for open water swimming to connect to my Garmin 935.

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You could use a Wahoo HRM for Zwift and still use your 935 for swimming since it has a wrist based HRM.

Or you could go with a Garmin HRM-Tri for both Zwift and open water swims: https://buy.garmin.com/en-US/US/p/136403


Hi Paul,

Thanks for the response.  The problem is that Garmin watches (935) don’t read the heart rate from the wrist when in open water & pool swimming, so I’d need a chest strap to measure via ACG.  The Garmin HRM-Tri chest strap does this however I believe the Garmin only transmits in ANT+ which isn’t recognized by the iPhone.  I use the app on my iPhone when I’m on Zwift.  I don’t have a laptop so I can’t use the ANT+ receiver option.



You could use a 30 pin to lighting adapter and a Wahoo Ant+ Key to get Ant+ to your iPhone. This is fully supported by Zwift.

Or you could use a Wahoo HRM for Zwift and the Garmin for open water.


Would the Wahoo HRM not work in open water?

The Wahoo is water proof and sweat proof. If you look at these results it looks like people have used them for swimming: https://www.google.com/?gws_rd=ssl#q=swimming+with+wahoo+tickr

But reading a couple it doesn’t seem to transmit underwater all that well.

I think I’ve sussed it.  My best option would be to go for the Wahoo Tickr X which is made for multi sport including swimming.  It has both ANT+ and Bluetooth smart so should link to my iPhone (& Zwift).

Thanks for your help.



The Schosche Rythm+ is a great heart rate monitor. It is worn on the forearm, and transmits via ant+ and bluetooth. Far more comfortable and easier to use than a chest strap. It’s extremely accurate, see the DC Rainmaker review. I have no affiliation, just really like it. I asked about getting a replacement strap and they sent me one for free. 

Thanks Scott

Hi, I just bought a Hammer and I use it with an IPad Pro and I have a garmin HRM tri that apparently I cannot connect it to Zwift via Bluetooth. Is there any HR monitor that I can use with the IPad Pro and the hammer via Bluetooth or in any other way? Thanks

Rodrigo - there are heart rate monitors that provide both Bluetooth and ANT+ radio signals. A couple of examples (there are others) - the Scosche RHYTHM+ goes on your arm and the Wahoo TICKR Heart Rate sensor goes on your chest.

Anyone recommend a BT HR monitor?  I have used Ant+ but my kickr keeps dropping power so I must connect via BT.  I have a  Wahoo Tickr and think it is junk since it drops connectivity constantly during a ride regardless whether BT or ANT+.  Tonight, brand new battery and 38 minutes in it drops signal and cannot reconnect.  I stopped using it last year because it is so unreliable, but the Kickr has forced me to connect via BT (30w avg lower that my power meter when ANT+).  I run Zwift on a PC.  I am hoping Wahoo isn’t the only chest strap HRM available for this setup.

Maybe you just have a faulty Heart Rate monitor.  I use the Wahoo Tickr X heart rate monitor and never have any issues or drop outs.