Heart monitor icon not appearing

I bought the Wahoo heart monitor and paired it the day it came to be sure it works. Paired perfectly! Today I went for my first ride and the icon was not there. I tried the iPad and iPhone…nothing.


You need first turn on your trainer or speed sensor then hrm will show up


Yes, I did that , about 8 times. I pedaled and had the heart rate monitor on. The trainer appears but nothing else. So weird because it popped up before.

I’ll try again today.

Hi Maureen,
have you ever had them both working together?
I’m wondering if by using bluetooth you can only pair one at a time?
Just to test you could try pairing the HRM making sure that the trainer is not on.
If it pairs then maybe the one bluetooth device rule may apply.
That said I think the iPad may be capable of accepting two bluetooth devices at a time, so maybe your trainer is using both of them.

So my main idea would be to ensure all bluetooth devices are off (i.e. phone etc).
First pair the HRM and only when that is connected turn on your cycle trainer.

I’m not sure if any of that will help, but I hope it does.

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Thank you!! You are correct. I don’t think I have ever had them both working at one time. I’ll give you idea a try! Thanks so much!