HRM and Cadence Sensor not showing on iOS program

I am trying to pair my Wahoo TIKR HRM with the iOS version of Zwift.   For the bike option, I only see Power Source and Speed Sensor options. For the run option, I only see Run Speed.

Neither give me the option of adding an HRM.  Why is that?  I can pair it to my MacBook Pro no problem.


What trainer/power meter/speed sensor at you also trying to pair with Zwift on the iOS version?

I am trying to lair my Wahoo TIKR heart rate monitor. My wahoo kikr snap connects no issue.

My problem is that I’m the iOS app, it doesn’t even give me the option to connect an HRM. Only power and speed

Once you hit Power Source and it searches and finds your Kickr you should get the pairing screen.

Sounds like it may be your iPhone/iPad or an app is grabbing the HRM before Zwift can take charge.

Close down or delete any apps that could use the HRM including the Wahoo Tickr app then check the iPhone/iPad is not connected to the Tickr HRM (in the iPhone/iPad BT connections list) before you start the Zwift app.

Thanks. I I’ll defintely try all of these suggestions. I do want to clarify that I don’t even see the heart rate monitor button that I should be able to click on to search for a device. But I will try the above suggestions.

The HRM button does not appear until you have paired the speed cadence sensor. Once they are paired the HRM button appears. Once they are paired it generally seems to remember everything next time you log in if they are in range. 

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