HDMI cable issue.

(Karol Stopa) #1

Has anyone experienced issues when HDMI cable is connected? I’m loosing connection with power meter (Stages) but my Garmin HR strap works fine. Once HDMI cable is disconnected it connects straight away.

(Craig Pate) #2

I have HDMI2 and HDMI3 connected and running with no issues with any devices. But I typically run Zwift with my CompuTrainer and have both HDMI cables connected…again no issues. I use the Garmin 2.0 ANT stick. I even have my 910 acting as a second head unit recording data at the same time. My computer is right next to the displays but many people need to buy a USB extender and place it right beneath your PM. Monoprice has them for $1.50.

(Karol Stopa) #3

Are you on Windows or Mac version?

(David Steel) #4

yes, that happened to me, do you think there is interference with stages

(Karol Stopa) #5

Not sure if it’s stages or Mac aplication but it’s something that Zwift team should look into :slight_smile:

(Craig Pate) #6

Sorry…yes I’m on Windows 7

(Troy Rutherford) #7

make sure your ant+ stick is not plugged in next to your HDMI cable, I had issues with interference from the HDMI cable causing a drop out of the ant+ signal when I first started connecting with the computer.

(Karol Stopa) #8

Thanks I will try it out.

(Hesham Sherif) #9

yes changing the port worked , thanks for the tip