Having To Reset Devices Each Time

Hi there. I am new to Zwift, have a dumb trainer with a Mac laptop, an Assioima power meter and Wahoo Tickr heart rate thingy. They all work well except with Zwift. I have disconnected all from any other apps or hardware, and when I go to Zwift, every time I open Zwift, it asks me to connect my sensors, as if I’ve never done it before. Sometimes HR monitor shows up, most of the time it doesn’t. Sometimes my power meter shows up, sometimes it doesn’t. RARELY do they both show up in the same session, and when they do, if I close Zwift and reopen it, I have to start with the connections all over again. Any idea why the Bluetooth connections suck so much? For three days running now I’ve missed my group rides because I’ve been futzing and waiting to connect. I’ve found no consistent way of keeping things working. I haven’t used my sensors with any other device since I started with Zwift. Not sure I want to keep with Zwift if it works so poorly. Any advice? I’ve read through forums about switching batteries, rebooting, turning off other area Bluetooth devices, but none work consistently. Any help is appreciated before I cancel my subscription.

A few things to try.

  1. unpair/forget your trainer and HR monitor form your device, and all other devices nearby. Bluetooth can only talk to one ting at a time.
  2. wake up your trainer, by pedaling while opening Zwift.
  3. wet the pad on the HR monitor before putting it on.

You have to pair your devices to Zwift every time you log in, but after some time zwift will remember them.

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Thank you for your response! I tried all of those things before putting this thing on the forum. So far no difference.

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