Having issues with not joining the Robo Pacer? [May 2023] [SOLVED 1.42]

The missing RP is a bug allready since 1.39 and that was reported multiply time as fixed, but is not fixed at all. James has put it again back to the repair list (as far as I know).

The sideways RP I have not yet seen, but that could be because I stopped riding in Zwift as I can not join a RP normaly since 1.39.

I followed up on this yesterday.

Our developers have a very high level of confidence that the issue will be fixed in 1.42 (14th)



Ok thank you! The bug is slightly different than the prior one - meaning it seems now it is just about not getting beamed to a pace partner (however once you are there - your legs actually move). The incidence of not getting beamed to a pace partner is much worse than the previous bug. I can see by rider counts on different pace partners it is a significant problem.

While we are at it - can Zwift return the pace partners back to their prior avatars - and not the robo-cop roasted chicken versions? They are universally despised. Please Zwift!

Yep, I know about this.

I like them. :man_shrugging:

Not accurate.

You’re wrong.

Hope this helps.

Is this issue only with running on certain platforms, RPs or Worlds? I haven’t experienced this problem yet.

Seen reports across all platforms. I haven’t experienced it yet either.

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Zwift should offer up a vote!

No thanks. I’ve had enough of being subject to the vagaries of people with terrible opinions :smile:

I thought we weren’t allowed to comment on that.

I’m going to create a new forum and ask for a vote. 9 times out of 10 when I’m on pace partners I’m reading negative comments about the new bots. (Which I agree with) so let’s see what people say (or vote).

People who don’t mind the new bots mostly will not vote or comment about it. A Zwift Advisory Panel survey would be more effective. Probably won’t happen but that’s the sort of approach that would be necessary to get useful feedback.

Nope, Love them.

Pretty sure you can comment on amything you want as long as it’s on topic and doesn’t flout forum rules.

Don’t confuse freedom of expression with an expectation that you’ll get what you want. :wink:

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A few days ago I mentioned how the new Robo pacer avatars reminded me of a syfy robot from an old movie staring Kirk Douglas and Farrah Fawcett. I did characterize the syfy robot as a freak. My post was deleted without comment. Honestly, though, the new Robo pacers are a little off-putting. Notwithstanding, I do prefer the Robo pacer rides over other group rides. Not so much chit-chat and not so many cliques.

Another voice against that. Some people may not like the change, but it’s definitely not “universal”.
If anything, I prefer the new RoboPacers to the weirdly unrealistic human-adjacent avatars we’re all given and have had for years. If someone looks at the hip area of the animated zwift avatar from behind and feels it closely conforms to general human musculoskeletal structures and the connections with a bike saddle… well, we see the world through very different lenses.
At least the new RoboPacers don’t attempt to appear realistic.