Have different levels for monthly missons

The monthly missons are very popular but people obviouslsy people use Zwift at different volumes. I’d like to see the missions expanded to have unlocks for different levels of progress. For example, say it was a distance mission - 200km - unlock shoes, 400km - unlock kit, 700km - unlock bike.

This would encourage people to ride more and give those users who spend a lot ot time on zwift more of a reward for their effort. Most of the Zwift missons I complete in a week.

The Wahoo climbing misson was a great example of how this works.

Please no :sob:. I have enough kits, shoes, bikes, caps, helmets and other crap in my garage allready.

I agree the missions is just to short.

How about a counter on the amount of time you complete the mission. Then those that ride a lot can complete it multiple times. Or the badge change color as you do it more times.



You do know you have to “sign up” to a mission? If you don’t want to enter the mission you actually don’t need to do anything. You are opted out by default.