We need more achievements like these

give 500 ride ons
give 1000 ride ons

ride total of 500 km
ride total of 1000 km
ride total of 2000 km
ride total of 5000 km
ride total of 10000 km
ride total of 15000 km
ride total of 20000 km

1000m height gained in a single ride
2000m height gained in a single ride
3000m height gained in a single ride
5000m height gained in a single ride

Complete the Watopia Pretzel
Complete… all other courses (seperate archievements fore every course)

hold 2 w/kg one hour
hold 2,5 w/kg one hour
hold 3 w/kg one hour
hold 3,5 w/kg one hour
hold 4 w/kg one hour

complete 1 race
complete 5 races
complete 10 races
complete 10 races
complete 15 races
complete 20 races

Agreed. Also like the hunt for achievements. Similar to for example running site Smashrun. With achievements like:

  • zwift 10times in 1 month
  • zwift 30 miles/km further each month for 6 month (stairs)
  • Do a Beaumont (ride accross The World)
  • Climb 5000m in 1 month.

Do you honestly pay attention to your achievement page? While, I guess you do or you would not be asking… I hope you get what you ask for.

I just tell myself " 'at a boy" and I’m good.  :slight_smile:

Its not so much about the badges and more about the unlockables for me. Be nice to have different ways of unlocking content other than progressing through the levels.