Harder to pedal downhill

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I don’t know if my Apple Tv/ kickr v5 zwift set up has a bug or if I’m imagining something :crazy_face:

In workout mode, I can be doing something like a sub threshold block in ERG mode and it starts to feel a touch harder on a downhill gradient. Not dramatic but enough to take off 2-4rpm off the cadence and when the route levels or rises again it seems to get a tad easier again and the cadence will be easier to hold.

As I understand things, in Erg mode it should view the gradient as a constant 0% and lock the trainer at the set power, so not sure why it should feel easier to turn out 250w uphill than it does downhill when it should just be constant.

Anyone else noticed that!

Apple TV and zwift are fully upto date, kickr is still one Fw level behind as there are reports on here that the current level doesn’t work reliably

Yes, I’ve noticed this on Kickr Bike and Tacx Neo using Apple TV and Mac versions of Zwift.

But when I suggested it people say you are imagining things and it could not be possible.

There should be no difference at all in resistance when using erg mode, but there is a small difference downhill despite the interval being a steady 250w with no charge.

This doesn’t happen using PerfPRO Studio (Windows) with the same ANT+ connection method on these trainers.

That’s why for workouts I never use Zwift.


I’m convinced it’s doing it now, I’ve tried different courses while doing work outs and I see a slight cadence drop and feel it more in the thighs despite the effort remaining constant

I agree.

I’ve always thought that was occurring with my set-up (Tacx Neo 2T, Apple TV). It’s more of an issue for me if it coincides with a zone 5 interval :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

For me it’ll really tell on the legs towards the end of a 15-20 min block when you just want it to end and the course gives you a prolonged downhill like the drop from the radio tower and it’s an effort all the way down when you just want to die :rofl:

I tried raising the issue of gradient in erg months ago & got no support from Zwift via this forum or support channels. There was quite a few erg issue threads at the time…

Then it went away around the time of some of the bluetooth upgrades.

Wattbike Atom / ATV

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