Gradient affecting ERG mode?

Now this might be my imagination but recently (last month or so), I’ve detected a small change in resistance when the gradient changes in ERG mode. Counter-intuitively, the resistance slightly decreases on uphills, and then increases on downhills. Despite this, the power displayed is constant (3s average). This is particularly noticeable on rolling terrain like Titans Grove.

I’m using a KICKR 2017.

Anyone else noticed this?

Funny you say this as I thought exactly the same recently. So much so that I put my Vector pedals on the trainer bike to check. The pedals do t show any obvious changes so it may be the power of the mind?

I’ll wait for others to add to this as I really thought there was a subtle change in resistance but in my case it is in agreement with the gradient (slightly harder on the uphill and slightly easier going down)

Hi. Good to know that I’m not going completely mad! I was going to put my Vector 3 pedals on too, but you’ve saved me the job. As you say, it’s subtle. At a guess, it feels like about 10-20W.

I’ve been on Zwift for over 3 years and never noticed this before, so I’m inclined (pun intended) to think it’s genuine.

Out of interest, what trainer do you have?

Hi Kevin,

I’m on a Wahoo Kickr