Handicap/Disability Categories

If we cannot get a Handicap/Disability category for us who ride out of category.
Maybe it would attract even more users.
I do not mind to ride as the last always.
Or as one of the last 4.
I’m a hand bike rider. And miss an avatar.
And disability categorization.
Disability category:
G1 = 4.1 w / kg and above
G2 = 3.5-4.0 w / kg
G3 = 2.9-3.4 w / kg
G4 = 2.8-2.1 w / kg
G5 = 2.0 w / kg and below
Handicap/Disability category could be great.
It would give Parasport new opportunities in Zwift, and give us Handicap e-Cyclists a place to run against each other. If we can both see and compare ourselves with each other.
Comparing us to ordinary cyclists can be a bit of an exercise. Since my cadence is much lower. And I use the arms and the others use the legs. I can’t stand the pedals and give it a little extra.
On a good day and a short ride I can push myself to 1.3 w/kg but on long trips I am at 1.0-1.1 W/kg on average.
Think about it.
I love to ride Zwift and hope to attract Parasport e-Cycling and make it a real e-Sport worldwide.
!Ride On…

Brilliant! I hope Zwift agree and can act quickly on this!


Brilliant idea! That’s an absolute “No brainer”! Go for it Zwift!


I fully agree with Michael. Their are many handcyclist in this ecosystem that would like to see this accomplished. I my self am a quadriplegic and ride at an average of .03w/kg - .07w/kg.


As. Recumbent Trike rider on Zwift I totally agree would be great to compare my abilities to those riding similar equipment vs a traditional DF bike!!! It’s much harder to climb and make big power for long durations on three wheels


I’ve been riding The Alpe Dash by Herd Racing on Alpe Du Zwift the ride took 3 hours and 20 minutes.
And never have I had so much pain in my arms because of cycling.
But also a great feeling to reach the goal. <3
And with 110 watts on average. Is it a really long trip. When cycling with the arms.

Agreed, I’ve voted towards this. I’m not a hand cyclist but I have one arm and class myself as a paracyclist. I also requested we can custom our avatars to reflect the above, and have hand cycle options, if we can custom our hair style then why the heck not!

Ride on!

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This has been requested numerous times and as a Handcyclist myself been tryign since 2016. Best thing to do is have a search before creating a new feature request as what needs to happen is the ones that are there alerady need to be up voted.

I think the most popular one is this one, get up voting.