Handbike / Handcycle / handicappet

Zwift development should think about.
would it not pay to make a a Handbike category.
Where we can ride both the running part and the bike part.
Since I as a Handicapt have a hard time with the long trips.
I would rather drive 2 trips of 5 km to 15 km than I try with a trip of 30 km and can not complete.
It provides many setbacks to hit the long ride or increases.
I know there are several of those I have ridden with who have switched to Bkool.
But I love the Zwift universe and therefore I will do everything to get them back. And I’m sure a Disability category where we can ride both bike and race ketagories would do a lot. With our Handbike, would provide a larger group and perhaps in the long run both national and international Parasport event.
I am injured and ride from November again.
And hope you will consider it.
You must be able to make a button under profile where you can click on as a Handicap Rider. And in that way gain access to both categories.
With my injury I can ride between 1.5 km and 5 km and no race for bikes gives me the joy of riding.
So at the moment I’m spinning to some music.
But it would be super to be able to choose a route of 0.4 km or 2.5 km. when I have a bad day and other routes on a good day.
The possibility of our own category is greater than all that with Avatar. Would be nice to be able to ride both bike and running routes.

Have a good day and greetings from a Handbike rider.
Zwift loves the universe. But miss a little more handicap friendly approach.
Ride Safe, Ride Online.!! Ride On…!!

It would mean a lot to me and a lot of others to have the opportunity to be able to ride short trips and still get a victory. :wink:

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