Handbike Racing

I can see it’s been a conversation for a long time.
I’m new. I think as long as Zwift doesn’t do that much for us.
May we even find together as para cycling and handbike riding.
May we run our own trips together. It must then be possible to make them see how many we are.
Then we must hope the avatar and equipment will come later.
I will be running my handbike in Zwift as long as my body allows.
And if anyone wants to ride with me at my pace you are welcome. I would like to create a Discord where we can cominize. And divide times as well as route.
I’m not much into it. Whether I can schedule races inside Zwift.
As a private person. But I probably learned that.
Since English is my second language and it is self-taught.
Have a nice day.
See you all in Zwift virtuelle verden.
Drive safely, cycling onlin.

I have created a Zwift Handbike group on facebook. Now let’s try if we can’t come together as hand bike users.
And get some common trips.
As well as as a group, put pressure on Zwift programmers so that we can have our own avatars. And in time maybe our own event.
It should not be impossible if we stand together in a group. So they can see how many we are. And in that way give the Paralympic a boost to the internet. So we can meet for events here in the Zwift universe.