ParaSport Category

How about making a category where handbikes and wheelchair mounted bikes can choose between running routes and bike routes. But use is speed sensors that can be mounted on a wheelchair or hand bike as needed.
Then we are in cityscape with everyone else, but under our own category. And let’s participate in all races, with outside the other rankings. But under our own. It would be easiest to program you off. And easiest to implement avatar for parasport.
And then we have our own as we are too fast for the runners and too slow for the cyclists.
That would give many more ParaSport users nd we already are. And the opportunity to make ParaSport Event for E-Sport.

Let us have the opportunity to choose a wheelchair or a hand bike. Well we choose event run or bike.
And during training, it is secondary whether it is one or the other. It is shown. But for running events a wheelchair. And bike event a handbike.
And let’s level up to color, clothes and wheels. Bandana, hat and other clothing as extras.
I do not need 20 different wheelchairs and 30 different bikes. But make it simple. And give us clothes and wheels. As lvl up bonus.


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<3 Have i nice day. <3

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