Handbike and Parasport

As I wrote in an earlier link.
Then we are more and more Parasport riders here in Zwift.
As long as we don’t have our avatar.
Like some kind of handbike.
So start by giving us an icon.
So others can see who we are.
I don’t need a Handicap system so I can keep up with others.
When I started cycling. I ride at 0.6 w / kg today I ride at 1.2 w / kg. I have been training for 6 months.
I would rather have an icon so people can see that I have a disability. And that’s why I ride the way I do.

I would love that at some point we get a Handbike avatar.
I would love to get the disability category.
But right now, I wish we could start with an icon.
I love to ride in Zwift.

Why don’t they rather instead of creating a avatar have the disabled have their own colour on the leaderboard?