Halloween etc

Some people like these sort of fun additions but also some of us don’t and find them annoying.

By all means do this sort of stuff but you also need to provide an opt out. That would allow people to use Zwift the way they want to and not the way they are forced to.

What real impact did it have on you?

I believe the event was purely cosmetic. There were no changes to any of the actual systems or physics in the game.

I agree also this riding thru Lava and under the water should stop it is totally unrealistic and takes away form training.

We just want to see power numbers and heart rate all those other things is taking away from training.

Can’t Zwift be more like this?


It’s kph and not km/h, and we need an option to change the colors of the text. :crazy_face:

Dude, they’re the same thing.

It doesn’t bother you - fine, I have no problem with that. Just give me an option to opt out.

I was just asking how it affected you. For them to bother coding an option, there needs to be a reason.

If your reason is “I’m just a grump who hates any joy in my life,” I doubt there’s much incentive for them to do it.


I like it. =)

Will that be the update for 2020?

Pre-Computrainer days.

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