Over Gamification of 2wift

I’m all for a bit of fun, power ups - when they work correctly, levels, challenges, etc but the trail of flames from half the riders in the ZRL race is too much extra noise that doesn’t ad any value to the race.

Totally different but I also don’t need to visibly witness a drone flying over my head.

Fair point, I think an option to disable the gamification options would be nice - Remove the flames, the dinosaur costume etc…


Yeah, the flames were fun for an April Fools joke but the fire socks make Zwift look … well I guess I would say tacky but cheap and unprofessional are also words that come to mind.

Ask yourself this Zwift management. Do you think seeing the flames in the e-sports world championships is a good look or will you be suppressing them in that event? If it looks tacky in the e-sports championship then it looks tacky in general use also.


I couldn‘t agree more.
Shining bikes „ok“, a Yeti next to the road „ok“, … but racing in a dinosaur costume „mhhh too much for me“.
And, although it‘s been a while for me on Zwift, I never got used to power-ups. Invisible drivers „mhhh, why?“. I much appreciate races without them like from the guys from DBR.


I haven’t seen this yet as I’m not racing but, yeah, I’m afraid I gotta agree.

I did see a drone flying past while riding NYC but I can live with that, and other Easter Eggs like velociraptors, the yeti etc.

Costumes though? Reserve that for Halloween - it cheapens the experience.


I almost wish that there was just an option to take an XP bump instead of a Power Up in normal riding, I pretty much just burn them all immediately anyhow.

The dino races were a bit of fun (and also only a small number), that loads of people loved doing.


If you ride a TT bike, it does exactly that.

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At first I thought the flames are going to be only visible to the user.

A few ideas is to increase the power needed to shoot flames or to only show it to the user with socks.

I do like the flames.


Huh, no way, never realised that! Ta for the tip.

If a user makes a decision to sign up to an event with those costumes I think that is fair game, but I think they were applied to all once for the TTT on Thursday that didnt go do well and the like.

We only added them for about 3 of the Get Rolling events each day for a week.

Not on the TTT - I haven’t even touched that series for months (other than setting up the new TTT module) because Martin makes all the changes himself.

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That seems to run counter to the argument that there are so few riders over level 50 that there’s no point in extra levels.


There’s a time and a place. If you want to have silly custom races, fantastic more power to you. If you want to have serious bike races, there should be a viable space for this too. I do miss the outlaw races down the alpe. It was fantastic when we had people showing up in chicken suits and I everything else you could imagine when you’d live stream a goofy rebel event.


One year I think everyone was given Halloween costumes as it was a Thursday and coincided with the TTT. Many of the TTT’ers weren’t impressed by it by the feedback that I saw

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When the dino races were on, there was a non dino option at the same time.

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Fair enough, I thought you were referring to something that happened recently.

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LOLWUT?! OK, that DOES sound amazing.

Wasn’t there something about as-yet-unused start pens at the top of AdZ?

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There is a downhill Alpe course listed in the Zwift Preferences tool, but because our PCs (all PCs?) now use the new UI, I can’t ride it.

One of the former draft guys had a secondary account linked to an ANT+ simulator. You friended the sim. and the old “Ride With” function would take everyone to the top of the Alpe. We would do a 10 second count down on the open chat and it was a race to the green gate at the bottom. It was a lot of fun! I miss those days of team [DRAFT].