Half Marathon Run workout?

I’m planning on running a half marathon on my treadmill on Sunday but I can’t find a half marathon workout?
I see there’s a “3 Run 13.1” plan with the race at the end, but I can’t jump straight to the race.

Is my only option to set a distance target at the beginning of a free run?

You can build you worn workout…

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Thank you!

Zwift includes a variety of pre-built workouts, but what if you want to design your own? The workout editor will let you create a custom training session within Zwift. Select the blue “Training” button on the starting screen, then click or tap the text under the list of workouts that says, “…or create your own.”

You can also select “Custom Workouts” and then “Create a new workout.”

I have neither of these options (I’ve checked how it should look via the Zwift YouTube channel). Has it been disabled for us non-paying runners?

There is no way to create a custom running workout in game right now. The only way is to either download a . ZWO workout file in to your "Documents/ Zwift / Workouts /(user number), or to use training peaks

Which is frankly rubbish.

I haven’t realized. Add this issue to the list of issues Zwift can’t be bothered fixing.

Tried the other link I sent?

I looked at ZWOFactory but it’s designed to build cycling workouts based on time rather than distance, which I don’t want, and also it appears that the created file tells Zwift that’s it’s a cycling workout (not a run) so therefore it doesn’t appear in the list of available runs. There IS a workaround but it involves low-level tinkering with the file and code - which I neither have to time or skills to attempt.

I was afraid of these workout builders having just cycling in mind…

My apologies for directing in a non-productive direction.

No - thank you for trying to help. I’ll just have start a free run and keep an eye on the distance. :grinning:

Couldn’t you just set a Target Distance?


If you have decided to run for a certain length of time, a certain distance, or at a particular heart rate, you can get Zwift to track that goal. On the main screen after you’ve logged in and paired your devices, you will see a circle with ‘Add a Target’ written inside. Click this and you can choose to run for, say, 60 minutes.

That is the only current option. That is limited to 30km - so will be no use for my marathon training.

But you are talking about a 1/2 marathon in this thread.

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I’m running a half on Sunday and then my Marathon-proper training starts on Monday. I’m quickly going to exceed my 30km target quota.

Then you should post a Feature Request for addition distance to be available for Running Targets.

I like to think that cyclist think we would never want or need to run further than 30km.
I fear Zwifts’ list of things to do won’t stand one more of my irks.

What? Did someone just said “feature request”??? Where? On Zwift?

Oh. Nothing to worry then…

Back to Zleep (Z… z… Z… z… )

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Well it’s a better option then buried in a thread.

I use WCE for run workout creation. See

That’s beyond me.

How many of your marathon training runs would be longer than 30k?

I assume you’re probably pretty advanced if you’re doing enough runs longer than that to be a concern