Marathon Training Program

I have just completed the Zwift 13.1 running program and would like to continue up to the full marathon. There was a 2 part Los Angeles Marathon training plan on Zwift a few months ago, which I think part 2 was following on from reaching the half distance. Would Zwift be able to add the workout back on to the list (Maybe just call it the 13.1 to 26.2 plan rather than for a particular event )
It would also be a nice feature that if you missed a workout out or a week due to work commitments that you would be able to redo a week/workout before moving on rather than losing them.
I have found the workouts online but would take forever to input them via custom workouts.

Yes. All of this.

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It is even more annoying that they continue to advertise this as available at

I contacted support and they suggested I set up my own runs using the data at - I’m not sure manually recreating 70 runs (just for part 1) and doing my own reminders etc without all the gamification would exactly count as “serious training made fun”.

I was going to cc: the VP of Running, but it turns out they eliminated the position earlier this year. so this doesn’t look great for support for Running.

Haaa, I’m doing the phase 1 plan right now. I create the workouts with WCE. Copy the workout data from into an .xls file. Then some creative excel munching, and finally copy into WCE. Takes about 10 minutes to create the next 4 workouts. So not so big a pain. And now have total control of when I do the workouts as an added plus.

I applaud your tenacity, but the joys of running would be diminished if I was required to even go near a spreadsheet.
My issue is that cyclists already have the tools to build custom workouts, it’s not like we runners are asking for something that has yet to be coded from ground zero.