Group workout does not show wourkout plan/ no ERG mode

I was trying to participate in two group workouts. I joined the event but no workout plan was showing up. I was able to ride with the group but not in ERG mode. All other rider were showing the workout symbol (map in front of the rider and ERG mode in rider pane). 

If I first select a workout and than jump into the event I’m in workout mode but with the wrong work out.

Is there anything I’m doing wrong ?

It looks like you opened a support ticket with us, so we’ll continue working with you further there. Thanks for writing in!

Looking forward to what is discovered since I’ve had the same thing happen a couple of times. Running on iPad Pro 2 with IOS 11.2.1, wifi (strong signal), with Mobile Link open.

I’m having the same (or similar) issue.  During group rides, I actually see the graph at the bottom of the screen (showing BPM and Wattage) but I’m missing the targets (eg:  “10 Sec @ 375W”). I’m also missing the workout plan (that shows the upcoming targets)  Thanks for your help- Paul

Having the same problem. iOS v 1.0.25769
9th may

i have same problem. has there been a solution presented?

same thing on my end from yesterday (June 26th).

using iPad with the latest version.

For me it works on my windows laptop but not on my iPad. Both connected via WiFi to my phone on 4g. For me it looks like the iPad is not getting a good enough internet connection.

I’ve been having the same issue. I sign up for a group workout via Zwift companion app, join using Apple TV, but not in ERG mode. Intervals do not show on left and there is no workout icon next to my name like in custom workouts. This only happens in grop workouts. It’s much more fun to do a workout with a group especially during Zwift Academy. Any thoughts?