Erg mode issues, trainer difficulty setting multiuser

Joined a group workout today only to find that Erg mode was disabled. This had never been an issue before the most recent software update (AppleTV4k, Tacx Neo), with Erg mode automatically set whenever an individual or group workout was chosen. Wife complained about same issue today with her account as well.

I tried to find the Erg mode on the Settings screen - it’s no longer there, and you have to go into Workout selection screen to turn it on. This is not possible once you’re actually already in a workout, as that part of the menu screens is grayed out.

Once I turned the Ergo mode back on it seemed to be working okay in the individual workout mode for both myself and my wife’s accounts. Have no idea if this will be an issue if I do another group workout in the future, but it would be good to have the Ergo mode selector available again in the Settings screen.

Lastly, the trainer software is doing something new, where if I select a trainer difficulty level it will also set that for my wife as well and vice versa. This is of course, problematic, and means that for every ride both of us have to go into settings and reset the trainer difficulty to what we want.

Hi there,

Since you’re an Apple TV user, one key suggestion I have is that you make regular habit of force closing the Zwift app on your Apple TV. Here’s a How-to-Geek article describing how to do that with your remote.

As a general rule, we recommend force eclosing the app after you ride/before you start a new session, just to make sure there’s no old data causing problems.

If that doesn’t help, please submit a support ticket and one of our Zwift support team members will be happy to further troubleshoot this issue.