Group Ride / Race End Leaderboard power icon inconsistent

(Eric Fung) #1

At the end of group rides / races, I noticed that sometimes the power icon isn’t listed on the end of ride summary leaderboard. But the power icon is shown on other widgets such as the sprint leaderboard and the nearby riders.

There was one occasion where the power icon didn’t show up on the summary leaderboard initially. Instead of clicking OK which closes the summary page, I clicked to review the summary. After a while, the power icon eventually showed up for my entry.

(Eric Fung) #2

Want to add more background or possible leads to address the issue:


  • PC (windows 10) on wired network

  • Power source & cadence: 4iiii Precision (left only)

  • Heart rate monitor: Scosche Rhythm+ BLE/ANT+ Armband HRM

  • Resistance: Tacx Vortex Smart

During the group ride, I did notice a short pause of about 1 - 2 seconds. I wonder if my connection to the server was disconnected momentarily.


PS. Probably totally off topic, I use the option “Only my shots” for uploading photos. for the last couple / few weeks, it doesn’t upload the photos (to Strava) I’ve taken upon ending my ride. It only uploads the photos if I restart Zwift, go into settings, toggle the photo upload option, press apply, then exit.