Graphic card driver issue

Dear support,

I am running a laptop ASUS X551C with Intel® HD Graphics 4000 graphic card and when trying to use Swift for the first time it tries to update the driver.
This does not work and i can not get acess to update the driver.
Any recommendations towards making it work?
Is this computer/graphic card to old?

Hi Allan,

The Intel HD 4000 graphics chip will work; it’s powerful enough to run Zwift. However, your drivers are what’s at fault for holding it back. Contact ASUS to see if they can help you update your drivers to the latest and greatest.

Bear in mind that some computer manufacturer’s require you to use their proprietary drivers instead of the (more up-to-date) Intel ones and they often stop supporting their PCs a couple of years after release.

I have a similar problem I’m using a Dell Inspiron N5110 which should from reading the specs have enough to run Zwift. I’ve installed the program and when I start a ride all I get is the data screens around the edge & a grey screen in the middle which changes shade when changing view ? Any advise would be appreciated 


Hi. I registered in Zwift and I am trying to use it. However, when loading my log data into the Zwiftalizer, it only recognizes the internal intel graphic card of my computer, and does not recognize the dedicated graphic card that my computer also has, so it indicates a poor graphics performance. The graphics card is a Radeon HD7400M, and the internal graphics an Intel HD Graphics 3000, and I do not know why Zwift only recognizes the latter, with the consequent detriment in terms of performance. Please, can you tell me if there is any way for the program to recognize the Radeon card?

It sound like the Zwift screen is plugged into the on board port on the computer, see if you can plug the monitor in the other port.  Another idia is to disable the on board graphics card in the PC bios.

@Indalecio: You may also need to set your Radeon GPU as your default/turn on performance mode instead of battery saver. Here’s an example video on YouTube.

Hi. Thank you very much for your answers, I think I have already solved the problem. A greeting.