Goldsprints on Zwift?

Hey Zwifters,

I’ve never seen a Goldsprints event IRL, but I’ve seen them on youtube. I wonder if anyone has tried to use Zwift in lieu of an expensive system with rollers and dedicated software? I would love to take this idea to some of the local breweries and have some happy hour sprint competitions using Zwift.

Perhaps even a new “world” for Goldsprints in game would be fun? There could be a lobby where you get matched up based on your in-game FTP and randomly sprint against the closest matched Zwifter, winners get some sort of point ranking, if you lose, points are taken away? Leaderboards, special events and competitions could then be a regular part of the community with in-game prizes that show up in your garage.

I’m trying to figure out this exact thing. Want to figure out a way to have two bikes on trainers side by side doing a version of goldsprints.

I think it could be done, get your two setups as identical as possible to promote fairness. Set them up side by side and choose a sprint section in one of the worlds (you’ll have to ride to it a bit as no spawn points are exactly the same or right at the start of a sprint section). Fuego flats in Watopia would be a easy one to use, but kind of a long sprint for this maybe?

Line up the avatars as close as possible, and go for it! First one across the line wins. Pull a u-turn, ride back to the start of the sprint, u-turn again, and start over.

This sounds like a good way of running a goldsprint match on Zwift as it is. However, “first one across the line” can be difficult or even impossible to determine from the video if things are at all close, probably better to rely on the times on the leaderboard to determine the winner even if you have both competitors starting at the same time next to one another. Remember to use a TT bike (eww) to eliminate any advantages from drafting.