Battle mode

How about a one on one battle mode: ride around as normal but with an indicator on any rider that is open for a mini race. As you ride by, you can invite the other for a battle, they accept and Zwift creates a finish line at a random point down the course. First one over the line gets points / rewards etc. 

Could be refined with riders defining preferences toward hills vs flats, or short vs long races and rivals matched on this as well as ballpark FTP. Could even start to create league tables based on wins. 

Hi Simon, 

Here we are again, another brilliant idea! I’m totally with you on this one. Hopefully a lot of people will think the same and we’ll put it on our radar soon :) So far we have 3 votes including myself! 

Thank you very much and Ride On! 


Now that is brilliant! Kind of like the town sign sprints you might do in real life. 

great idea!!

Well today I battled with a chick, whether she knew it or not.  She closed the gap on me, I rode harder, she caught up, rinse and repeat until I died, she rode on.  That her W/kg went up as I sped up told me all I needed to know.

Great idea - could Zwift get this good? 

Be nice if we could mimics real life sprints for town signs, animal signs.

As long as riders are in Battle mode and riding close enough together, then automatically track races to upcoming signs?