Jousting Mode

I’m enjoying Zwift, just making the jump to it from a lifetime of gaming so it’s a nice transition to being more active than just twiddling thumbs. That said, I do love gaming and one of the first I ever got into was Joust in the Atari/Coleco Vision days.

I’d love to see a Jousting mode mini game, maybe against bots or a VS other player queue. Ranking for matches could be based on the letter system as exists in Zwift. We could face off in an arena or random dirt road and maybe highest overall power or fastest speed at point of contact could be round winner. Earning points could be for use in the new Store to buy armour for our bikes or nicer lances.

Hardcore trainers could ignore the whole thing of course, but it might help bring more people into the virtual Zwifting world.

Just some thoughts!

Neat idea. Would be cool to have some ‘mini-games’ within zwift.

There are a couple of games you can try here -

Slightly tangentially related, I asked for a system to support “mini games” last year.

Sounds like your Joust idea would fit squarely within the system I proposed. :smiley:

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Be a good little interval training session. 15 second sprint for the joust followed by 45 second recovery and circle back round