Glitchy Zqift and Companion App

Hello - first post I have never had issues until a month ago (after an update)
Companion App -

  1. As soon as I start Zwift on laptop (this is just logging in and connecting the trainer), my companion app goes to a world map - meaning I cannot scan events, check my last rides etc. As soon as I select a route on zwift it goes to the correct map for riding.
  2. Cannot save the ride on app - I get the wheel of death. Last night I was able to use the laptop to go back into the ride and then save from there. (Pride Ride 1630hrs) This is not the first time and on other occasions I need to force close zwift and hope the ride is there when I go back.
  • During last nights ride a message appeared at the bottom of the screen that i had 10Kms left on my Free Trial which then continued to count down the k’s. It was towards the end of the ride so it did not affect anything however i would like to ride tonight more than the 8kms it says i have left for the trial! I have been a continuous members for years and confirmed my payment (through apple app) have continued without disruption.

  • generally found the app is not updating correctly on the laptop and is not as fluid as it has been in the last few updates.

  • Zwift is ran on Windows Laptop, companion app used on the bike. HDMI cable from my laptop to tv.