Giro di Castelli stage 1 (A)

I participated yesterday with stage 1 (group A) and completed the course :wink:, but the stage is not included in the rankings in my Companion-app?! It is just listed as a normal ride without rankings and the Giro di Castelli logo as coverphoto for the ride.
In zwiftpower everything is neatly recorded and reported.

Also in the Zwift and campanion-app the stage 1 Castelli kit is not unlocked. The kit of today (stage 2 A) is properly unlocked.

What went wrong with my stage1 and why is the Castelli-kit of stage 1 not unlocked in my Zwift Garage/account?

Lots (LOTS!!!) of people with this issue. Multiple other threads about this. Some have contacted Zwift and been given the kit, but no word on whether they will award everyone who didn’t get it. (I didn’t get the kit, either, despite slogging up that hill twice.)

I got this reply back from Zwift today:

We’ve received a number of similar reports from other members about this same issue.
I’ve checked with our team and they’re aware of the issue and currently looking into it. I’m working to put in a request to have your kit credited to you, but I’m also waiting to hear back from my team about how to proceed with the entry of that request. If you don’t hear back from us by the end of next week, please contact us again and we’ll be happy to pass on any updates we have.

Thanks for your reply.
It would be nice that the issue will be solved for everyone who participated and succesfully completed stage 1 of the Giro di Castelli!!
Hope to hear from you by the end of next week.

I also rode Stage 1 (A) of the Giro di Castelli and have excatly the same problem. In the companion app the ride was marked a a normal ride, no rankings, no banner, no correct name/description of the ride (only “Bologna”). I also didn’t unlock the jersey.

Today I rode Stage 3 (A) without any problems. I unlocked the jersey and the ride is correctly displayed in the companion app.

For me the issue has been solved :slight_smile:
The kits/jerseys of all three stages are now avalible in “my garage”.

For me too, all jerseys in garage!