Not appearing in Giro result

I’ve done 2 stages of the Giro di Castelli group B. Each time I finish, the results pop up. I scroll down and I’m nowhere to be found. I’m see a bunch of other riders but not me. I also see 10 people named A.Mohammed all finishing in the future!

What is up with this? Its demotivating to push so hard and not see your result.

Are results for this shown somewhere else? I’m a noobie to racing or these stage Giros.

I have the same issue, I did what felt like a decent ride yesterday but couldn’t find my name anywhere in the list despite finishing the event and unlocking the jersey.

Sometimes I finished and did not see my results, but after I clicked on the “show all” results button in the top right corner and then went back to b group my time showed up

Cheers Braden, will try this after Friday’s event. Ride On!

Same. Where I finished the guy ahead of me had his name listed twice. I am however in the results on Zwiftpower.

Zwift needs to respond to this. Have I missed out on the prizes? I’ve got one more event to have done 3 of the Giro’s but am I only going to show up as doing 2?

Does anyone know the code to unlock the kits for the Giro Castelli rides last week? I rode 2, 4 and 5 but did not realize you needed to enter a code to unlock the kits. I really want my red jersey from the last stage- I briefly saw #castelli but it doesnt work.


Jersey auto unlocks as you cross the finish line, no need for any codes.

Thanks for your reply David. I thought the same that it was automatic, but it did not unlock. The course stated that you would get the jersey that was worn on the particular stage, so I assumed I would get a red, navy and grey/beige kits for stages 2,4 and 5. 

V strange, I got all of mine.

I did all stages and never got a jersey or a code.  Any help?

I finally found my jersey for stage 5.  It was waaaaaaay over to the right.  The only way to get to it was by using the arrow keys on the keyboard.